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Getting Around Tahiti

Sailing Around Tahiti Getting around Tahiti is not that difficult as this island has a well developed road and highway infrastructure. Tahiti Nui in particular has a proper road network that connects most places on this part of the island. On Tahiti Iti unfortunately this is not the case, the roads are mostly dirt tracks and getting around can be quite difficult unless you have four wheel drive and a guide with you.

To get around Tahiti Nui, your best bet is to use the local bus service here known as Le Truck. Le Trucks are actually trucks as their name implies that have painted white and converted into a passenger bus. A cheap and inexpensive way to travel around, these buses are also used by the locals, so they help you get a feel for what Tahiti is all about. Pretty reliable and definitely safe, these buses run from morning to around 10 pm at night, after which you either have to call a cab or hitch a ride with someone.
Running throughout the week, be careful as the service on Sundays tends to be rather thin. Each bus has a route number and a final destination point clearly marked out, so make sure that you read it before hopping onto a bus. There are three basic bus routes the Le Trucks have that can be simplified into covering the greater Papeete area, the east coast of Tahiti including getting to Tahiti Iti and the west coast of the island, where a majority of the resorts and hotels can be found.

Avoid using taxis in Tahiti as they can cause a real dent in your wallet. Pretty expensive, use a taxi only if it is an emergency. Apart from the flat rate that they charge from the airport to most hotels, the taxis in Tahiti are metered. If you are going to travel by taxi, a good option would be to rent the taxi out for the entire day, so that it would not cost as much.

If you are adventurous, a great way to see Tahiti is by renting a car or scooter and driving around yourself. Donít forget to bring your drivers license if you want to drive out here. Car/scooter rentals are a great option especially if you are traveling with family or company. If youíre not sure about what to do, speak to your hotel concierge and they are sure to help you out with brochures and information. You can also check out Tahiti car/vehicle rentals online. Driving here is quite easy as the roads are well made especially in the capital for example. Drive on the right side of the road. Car rentals here are pretty economical, with rental agencies like Avis and Europcar on the island.

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